Rectangular Whirlpool Bath for one person.
Rectangular Whirlpool Bath Lyra

Soak yourself in the modern and spacious whirlpool bathtub Lyra to feel.
Close your eyes, lean your head against the soft headset cushion, relax and enjoy the hydro massage of the 4 maxi4 dorsal and 2 plantar hydro jets.
Complete your bathtub with optional frontal panels to make your whirlpool even more stylish.
Hydro jets are brass and chrome lacquered.

  • 160 cm length, 75 cm depth, 63 cm high
  • 170 cm length, 75 cm depth, 63 cm high
Whirlpool Pump370W
  • ABS
  • Reinforced acrylic produced in Italy
  • Steel support feet
Hydro-jets4 Maxi hydro-jets and 4 jets for dorsal zone 2 plantar hydro-jets lacquered brass and chrome
Accessory included in price
  • Headrest cushion
  • Support feet
  • 2 frontal panels
Place of originAssembled in EU from Italian plate.
FaucetsNOT included
Versions2 sizes available