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Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath and diving steam

The Turkish bath, also called wet sauna, hammam or steam bath, is an antique treatment and the first traces date back to Egyptian, Greek and Roman era.
Moderate temperature, between 45 and 50 °C (113° – 122°F), therefore more easily tolerable, and 100% humidity makes it the most enjoyable spa treatment, suitable for all, and therefore the ideal solution for a Home Wellness.
Sweating is less intense than in hot and dry Finnish sauna, which allows longer stays in the Turkish bath and a higher level of sweating beneficial effects, the blood vessels dilate, blood circulation improves, body is toned and stress is reduced due to relaxation of the nervous system.
The steam deep cleanses and prepares the skin for a spa treatment, enhancing its effects.

We customize Turkish bath for Home wellness

Lifeclass provide small size Turkish baths, suitable for home use, using cutting-edge materials and latest technologies.
We keep some standard models, realized by Tylo and distributed by Lifeclass, and we manifacture a wide range of customized products, of different shake, coating and materials.