Wellness and Beauty in your own privacy

A new way of wellness with Lifeclass

Lifeclass – spa cocoon: the new concept SPA!

Spa Cocoons by Lifeclass are multi-functional machines that perform, in a little space, a number of combined functions that until now were prerogative of Spa and wellness centers, beauty salons and fitness centers.

Spa cocoon combines health and wellness bringing well-being and a complete sense of body relaxation in your own privacy.

With a Spa cocoon you are able to turn a small room, or a small bathroom, into a full and complete SPA.

It is multi-functionaleasy to useeasy to install and to maintain.

Two level treatment

In a spa cocoon water and heater join themselves to give the maximum user comfort.

This Spa capsule offers two level of wellness treatment:

  • Hydromassage in bathtub
  • Thermal treatment on vibrating table

Start your relaxation time with an hydromassage in a comfortable bathtub and continue laying down on vibrating treatment table enjoying all the thermal treatments that your new energy cocoon offers you.

A lot of features in a unique equipment

  • Steam procedure
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Vichy shower
  • Vibrating bed
  • Air Bubble massage
  • Chromotherapy
  • Facial Treatment
  • Body scrub

Which and how many results can you reach with energy cocoons?

Spa Cocoons offer beauty but also therapeutic treatments tailored to the client.

This equipment for beauty centers help you to:

  • Reduce stress: the spray of vichy shower fall on your body like a heavy rain relaxing you.
  • Prevent some diseases: the infrared have a lot of benefits for treatment of some health problems like cardiovascular, digestive or respiratory illness.
  • Activate and regularize metabolism and strengthen the immune system: hydromassage and infrared are adjuvant treatments in weight loss.
  • Ease depression, relieve stress and help to relax stimulating the area of sensory perception.
  • Achieve energy balance between mind, body and soul.

Our products are the result of 13 years of experience, of a vigorous quality control and of a special attention to the details.
Through the use of durable and quality materials our equipments are functioning and they have a sleek and ergonomic design.