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Finnish Sauna

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In Finnish Saunas, temperature can reach 80 °C – 100 °C (176 °F – 212 °F), whereas damp can reach at most the 10 – 20 % of humidity; essential oils can be added to water to make the experience even better.
In a sauna, body perspiration is high, your skin get purified and you relax; your body releases all the accumulated tensions.
Experts suggest to alternate few minutes of high temperature and heat with cold showers or baths to give your body a revitalizing sensation.

At the opposite of conventional sauna, the infrared one reaches lower temperature, thanks to its ceramic or carbon heater if heats the body and gives a pleasant wellness sensation, in addition several studies has evidence about infrared sauna benefits for the treatment of some health problems.

The result is a mix between relax, energy and total wellness.
Lifeclass deliver the sauna directly to your bathroom, customized according to your needs and requirements with a high class and innovative design, using the best materials and the latest technologies available on the market, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.