Hot tubs

Outdoor hot tubs that enhance your garden!

Hot tubs are a great way to turn your garden into a locus amoenus of which the Latin poet Virgilio spoke, it is a place immersed in plants and trees, usually situated in the proximity of a brook or a water spring to spend some pleasant and relaxing moments.

Now we can substitute the brook with Lifeclass hot-tubs, results won’t change and you will get the same benefits: relaxation, wellness, entertainment and happiness.

Hydro massage was invented in 1956 in United States by an Italian immigrant that installed in his home bath tun some airplane pumps to produce massaging jets in order to relieve his son’s rheumatoid arthritis pains.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Contrary to popular belief, an outdoor hot tub is not only for entertainment but also for well being, as it combines three antique natural therapies like cromotherapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy taking advantage of colors, water and essential oils.

Hydromassage sessions improve blood flow, help reducing migraine, rheumatism and articular pains, on top of improving blood circulation.

Lifeclass creates fully custom-built hot tubs both for residential wellness areas as well as wellness centers and hotels to meet all customers’ requirements.

One of Lifeclass more important projects in collaboration with the world-renowned Architect Filippo De Franceschi is the waterfall pool for “Fairmount Nile City” in Cairo.
While at Matera, Lifeclass created an impressive wellness center, with large indoor and outdoor pools.

Lifeclass has a wide range of Hot tubs and Whirlpool tubs that comes in a variety of shapes and features.
Our hot tubs come with:

  • From 22 to 88 water and air jets
  • Cromotherapy lighting
  • Hydromassage Pumps
  • Great filtering system
  • Heater
  • Seaters (from 1 to 6 depending on hot-tub model)
  • 1 or 2 full body loungers (depending on hot-tub model)
  • Depending on models, some have aromatherapy, Disinfectant UV-C and airflow settings.

With a little investment you can take home your dream Hot tub to enhance your garden and create your own wellness.
Hydrotherapy pools’ prices start from 6000€ for a 3 seaters with 20 hydrojets to a maximum of 12000-16000€ for a 5 seaters with 70/100 hydrojets outdoor hydrotherapy Spa tub.

Choose your hot tub here and start enjoying it!

Due to our extensive experience in hydrotherapy industry, especially hydrotherapy pools, we have created a dedicated website to this field: