Infrared sauna

What is infrared sauna?

Infrared sauna is the innovation of the traditional Finnish sauna. It produces secure and efficient infrared rays that penetrate deep in the epidermis (till 4 cm) stimulating the heating of tissues, muscles, joints, causing a perspiration that helps the stimulation of blood flow and metabolism.

What are infrared rays? They are safe rays (without the dangerous UV) that get absorbed by the body and gives a great wellness feeling.

Saunas used to be considered as a luxury item that not everyone could afford, but nowadays technology allows us to take advantage of its benefits without spending an exorbitant price.
You will find in out catalog of wellness products a wide range of infrared saunas that comes in different dimensions and optional like cromo therapystereo and digital control panel.

Infrared Sauna

What are the benefits of carbon heated infrared sauna?

Infrared rays saunas act directly on the body with a moderate temperature that usually doesn’t exceed 60°C, several scientific researches about IR was done among which Dr. Toshiko Yamazki that conducted a research about its benefits and explained in his book “The Science of Far Infrared Therapies” the different infrared sauna benefits on many diseases.

Infrared sauna is recommended for:

  • Cardiovascular problems: as it reduces cholesterole level in the blood, which decreases considerably the risk of cardiovascular problems like stroke, furthermore it helps reduce blood pressure.
    Muscle heating produce blood vessels dilation and increase bloodstream.
  • Detoxification: sweating caused by the high temperature helps the organism to eliminate all toxins and heavy metals like mercury and lead through skin pores.
  • Weight loss: it is possible to lose up to 300 calories during an infrared sauna session, even though most of weight loss is related to liquid loss, frequent use of sauna can be a good way to integrate a slimming diet.
  • Improvement of skin aspect: bloodstream increase helps pore dilation, elimination of impurities and boost its elasticity.
  • Pain and traumas relief: bloodstream increase and hot temperature produced by infrared rays help to alleviate pains and promote muscles and joints relaxation, and relieve notably arthritis and rheumatism pains.
  • Blood flow problems: muscles heating produce a blood vessels dilation and the increase of bloodstream.
  • Stress and tensions relief: this therapy also relaxes body and soul from all tensions and chaotic life stress, and gives a sensation of well being.
  • Sleep disorders: using infrared sauna before going to sleep is especially recommended for those suffering from insomnia because the elimination of toxins and the increase of body temperature promote the dilation of blood vessels which helps to fall asleep more easily.
  • Cooling: infrared heating helps to fight against virus proliferation, resistance to infections, in addition sauna gives good effects in case of pneumonia, bronchitis and colds. And it is perfect for those with respiratory problems and sinusitis.
  • Cellulite reduction: another benefit for women is that it will help in the fight against cellulite.

What is the difference between Finnish sauna and infrared sauna?

Both of them has in common the well being sensation, toxins elimination and previously listed benefits due to sweating, but at the same time they have differences.
Traditional sauna was invented centuries ago by Finnish and it can reach very high temperature up to 110°C while infrared sauna was invented by German in the 80s and it doesn’t exceed 60°C making it more indicated for those that doesn’t tolerate high temperatures.
Unlike infrared sauna that can be installed anywhere in your home because it doesn’t need the installation of a stove, Finnish sauna should be placed in a room that has a window and an air intake.

Usually infrared sauna has small dimensions and lesser preheating time compared with traditional sauna (about 15 minutes) and it can be installed in a short time without specific knowledge.

Infrared sauna energy consumption

Infrared sauna has a low power consumption and it is related to its dimensions too.
Usually, for a 3-4 people sauna, power consumption is around 2 kW.

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