Tylö Impression Steam shower.

Tylö Impression is based on a unique profiles system for different configuration of interior and exterior finishing of aluminum, glass and gloss acrylic, to have both shower and steam shower in one compact system.
The integrated steam generator power (2,2 or 4,5 kW) is 230 V or 400 V2N (two-phase with neutral) and it is controlled by a small control panel.
The classy benches are made of laminate that went through an advanced molding process at high compression.
Design and finishing of every detail are studied to satisfy all requirements.
The lack of corners and fissures prevents dirt and incrustations and makes it easier to clean.
Tylö steam shower can be installed in many different ways, just by inverting its walls to suit your own convenience and fit your bathroom style.
The small control panel in the steam shower section allows you to set the steam generator.
The patented lacquered aluminum profiles ensure maximum versatility for Tylö system.
Once the frame has been assembled, the outer coating is simply attached with the clips without any screws.
The Elegant and clean design are a delight for the eyes, walls, doors, and glass sections can be assembled in different ways to match the layout of your bathroom.

You can choose white or black external finishes, glazed or polished acrylic sections.
Tylö Impression is available in three sizes.

  • Tylo Impression i170: 1725 x 925 x 2100 mm h
  • Tylo Impression i130: 1325 x 925 x 2100 mm h
  • Lacquered aluminum
  • Glass
  • Glossy acrylic
  • Black
  • White
Power230 V 400 V2N (two-phase with neutral)
Steam generatorIntegrated