Panacea: Turkish Bath for Suite & Spa

Enter the world of Panacea to regenerate your body and mind

By reinterpreting a classical mythology, the divinity of Greek Panacea that cured all diseases, Tylo created a new Turkish bath experience, and revisited some classic elements aiming to create a versatile, highly flexible, well designed and custom made product.
Panacea Turkish bath is the symbol of soothing properties for body and soul: providing stimulation and relaxation through its light and sound therapies.
Emulating one of the most antique natural treatments like “Roman caldarium” and “Belinese steam baths” through different settings for humidity, infusion and oils.

Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and plant oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being that has been used in many cultures for centuries.
The scents induce pleasant emotional and physiological reactions for an unforgettable experience.
For a greater sense of well-being, Tylo added chromotherapy, an antique tradition originated in ancient Egyptian period that will delight you each time with its play of lights and shades.

Sound Therapy

Imagine to lay down while embraced with steam and relaxing nature sounds.
Panacea Turkish bath offers you another dimension of wellness where everyday lights and noises disappear and you enjoy the peaceful experience while hearing relaxing sound of rain forest or deep-sea creatures communicating.

Comfort and flexibility

Thanks to its sober design and versatility, Panacea steam bath is ideal both for residential use as well as commercial use like Spawellness centers, and hotel suites to give an added-value.
Panacea steam bath has adjustable feet on its inferior frame and several remote controlled settings to set the temperature light, aromatherapy, steam etc.
Lack if joints and fittings choice Turkish bath implies little maintenance.
You can have this beautiful Turkish bath with a lot of optional features to enhance even more your experience.
This Turkish bath was build and created with an eye on cost effectiveness and ease of installation, thanks to its modular units and exclusive assembling system patented by Tylö, you can assemble it easily by hooking its parts together, without using any other tools!
In order to improve its performance and steam distribution, we advise your to install an underfloor heating in the steam bath and to ensure that the room is well ventilated.
For prolonged use of more than three hours, we advise to install an insulated ceiling in the steam bath. For prolonged use of more than five hours, it is recommended to install heated ceiling for optimal performance.


Panacea steam bath benches are made from Corian®, a sturdy, elegant and hygienic material, its physical properties make it extremely suitable for this steam bath.
Benches are sold separately if extra ones are needed or in addition to the included benches to enhance surrounding space.
Benches are available in four different sizes.

Anti-condensation ceiling

To avoid condensation issues during prolonged use of Panacea steam bath, we recommend to install a condensation-reducing ceiling.

Sound system

To fully enjoy your Panacea steam bath session, we offer a premium feature of sound system.
The Microstereo Steam system is completely invisible and consisting of two speakers and one amplifier, compatible with all audio file formats through airplay of your own sound device.
The sound system us also equipped with a FM receiver and two aux ports.

Steam generator VA

We recommend the powerful VA steam generator for all models except for smaller ones. It is fully automatic and has a large water tank for extended use. The VA steam generator is compatible with all Tylö remote control panels.

Steam generator VB

This compact steam generator has the same high quality and durability as the VA generator. With the difference that it is recommended for the 1309 and 1709 steam room models.

SizeSeven standard layouts
Materials Corian® benches, tinted glass walls and a frame of black plexi glass
Additional informationThe Panacea steam bath features a shifting light and colour therapy called chromotherapy. To create a full therapeutic experience for all senses, Tylö offers the possibility to complement the light therapy with a range of products that are suitable for sound therapy and aromatherapy.

Available layouts