Transform your bathroom in a little oasis of wellness!

Regina is the rectangular whirlpool bath tub signed by Lifeclass.
Thanks to its 5 Maxi hydro-jets and its 12 jets for dorsal area, it provides you with a warm relaxing soak.
Your bathroom will be transformed in an in-home Spa.
You can choose two different versions, left or right.

Faucets are not included.

Size180 cm length, 130 cm depth, 70 cm high
Whirlpool PumpPower: 750W, 230V-50Hz
  • ABS
  • Reinforced acrylic produced in Italy, 4 mm thick (steel support feet)
Hydro-jets5 Maxi hydro-jets and 12 jets for dorsal zone
Accessory included in price
  • Headrest cushion
  • Support feet
Place of originAssembled in EU from Italian plate
FaucetsNOT included
  • Left
  • Right