Corner Whirlpool Bath for two people.

Corner whirlpool bathtub for two people Capricorno, spacious, modern and refined.

The Bath Tub Capricorno is made with strong materials as steel and ABS, reinforced acrylic.

It has everything you can ask for a SPA: soft cushion headsethydro-jets for any area of your body, chromed steel feet adjustable to accomodate the height.

Capricorno is suitable for all space requirements and it is available in two different models and sizes.

Immerse yourself in this wonderful whirlpool bath and forget the daily strain abandoning yourself to pure relaxation.

Capricorno Corner whirlpool bath for two people, spacious, modern and sophisticated with everything you may desire in a bath tub: soft headset cushionshydro jets for total body massage, and chromed steel feet fully adjustable to set the height.
Capricorno is suitable for all space requirements and it is available in two different models and sizes.
Immerse into this wonderful whirlpool bath to forget your hectic life and abandon yourself to moments of pure relaxation.

Size2 models available:
  • 140 cm length, 140 cm depth, 63 cm high
  • 150 cm length, 150 cm depth, 63 cm high
Whirlpool Pump750W
  • ABS
  • Reinforced acrylic produced in Italy
  • Steel support feet
Hydro-jets4 Maxi hydro-jets and 4 jets for dorsal zone 2 plantar hydro-jets
Accessory included in price
  • Headrest cushion
  • Support feet
Place of originAssembled in EU from Italian plate
FaucetsNOT included
Versions2 models available